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1) 2 People Visas To France Approved 01-04-2022. 2) 6 People Work Visas Approved 29-03-2022. 3) Poonam Mandal's Visa Success Story. 4) Mithu Mandal's Visa Success Story. 5) Uttam Mandal's Visa Success Story. 6) Two Student Visa Permit Success Story. 7) Baban's Visa Success Story. 8) Krishna's Visa Success Story. 9) Priyanko Visa Success Story 10) Rathin Visa SuccessStory 11) 135,000 Workers Needed by Poland in 2022.

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Immigration Ultimate(IU) believes in 100% delivery of results with Money Back Guarantee. Since, inception, Immigration Ultimate has transformed many dreams into visas through Immigration visa, Education visa, Investment visa and Tourism visa programs.



Every step of your application will be discussed upfront by keeping your choices first.



You will recieve accurate information through 1 to 1 overview in written format.



We will assist you with step-by-step documentation processes.

What We Do?

In Today's world, the awareness of overseas aspirations and career goals has drastically changed, many of us wish to go out of our home country for various reasons like a better standard of living, quality education, lifestyle, great career opportunities, high income & permanent settlement.We Specialize in

Our profesional services for world wide clients and business.

We help our clients to define their new objectives and then create the road map to get them there by devising an immigration development strategy for growth that builds both the company profile and client base.

Countries we are currently assisting with!


Is a North American country that is known as the land of immigrants as the nation’s fabric is made of immigrants or the descendants of the immigrants! Thus, it is the most friendliest country in the world as all Canadians welcome newcomers with open arms.

United Kingdom

An island nation in the north arctic, is surely a utopia for mankind. Its colossal beauty and elegance is something that you definitely cannot miss. The country also stands out for its economic growth, one of the reasons why it is preferred as a country to settle in permanently.


Is the most popular country amongst the immigrants as it ranks in the second position in the world as the most beneficial country to settle in permanently. It is also one of the best options if an individual is looking for a career growth in his or her life.


A western european nation in the region of Europe, is considered to be one of the most economically and socially developed countries in the world with a high standard of living, education, health care, protection of civil liberties, democratic governance and human development.


A Northern European nation where 5 milion population live on cloud, cloud and data services. One of the best nation to provide entreprenuers, social media and digital city first in the northern european continent.


The ancient civilisation dated back to transylvania where romans lived and flourished the city with gold and emeralds. The entire country is with scenic places with maximum job and life opportunities for any new immigrant, the wages are quite high for new individual and a proper place to reside and flourish in life.

Study Abroad( MBBS,Engineering and General Studies).

We help our students to get admission into reputed universities across the globe on their choiceable program. Our application process is smooth with 1 to 1 counselling on future education program.

Study in Canada

Canadian Education is the best on community colleges, 1 year of program and 2 years of masters program.

Study in Ukraine

The best country to pursue MBBS/BDS courses with a minimum tution fees per year with wide selection of courses.

Study in Poland

The best courses with cheapest price located at the heart of Europe. If you are considering to stay forever in Europe, Poland is the best choice.

Study in Germany

Most courses are free, scholarships oriented and great work and study culture. If you want to excel in life, Germany provides the adequate courses at right moment of time.

Study in Russia

They offers MBBS/BDS courses for less fees with a prominent lifestyle of living.

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Important FAQ

Poland, Estonia, Portugal, Romania, UK,Canada, CzechRepublic, Germany and Spain.

Canada, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Poland, Estonia,Norway Portugal and Germany.

The developed nations have already devised various plans to cut of manual labour and introduce machinery, automation in most of their industries. Luckily few nations are still on the list where work permit can be achieved easily. Here are the names of those where you can achieve work permit easily as of this machine age.

There was a time when the UK ruled 90% on the earth, then came US and now Canada. But, truly for life, health , and forever EUROPE is always the best destination to live and thrive.

Every child is special for a Mother, but the true competition begins from the nephew's perspective. Once, a teenager leaves their parents, they can only become a responsible citizen of any nation, if they have seen the outer world, in which case, going abroad is the best.

Poland is a favourable destination because, it provides job, food and a promising life to any new immigrant. Additionally, Poland comes under the Schengen zone, so, anyone can visit other EU nations under Schengen law to make life better.

Well, Investment visas aren't costly if you see from other side of the table, A nation is providing you all the state facilities ie. free healthcare, free education, free roam to other developer and superpower nations. All that can be yours, with your money that wouldn't be possible if such a scheme hadn't existed in the first place.

Being the best immigration consultants, we offer affordable services for Skilled Migration, Study Visas, Travel Visas, Business Migration, Family Migration. For all these visas we guide you in getting all the documents and papers that save your time and money.

Transparency and 1 to 1 counselling separate us than others. Also it is a famed and trusted immigration and visa consultation consultancy which started its operations way back in 1992 with an object to help the common immigration and visa aspirants and guide them.

IU Blog on Workpermit,MBBS&Engg education,Investment and Tourism Visas.

24 March,2022

Indians form the largest nationality among those getting UK skilled worker visa

Indians comprise the largest chunk of foreign nationals who got the skilled worker visa in the UK.

9 March, 2022

Portugal Changes Law That Enabled Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich to Gain Citizenship

The Portuguese authorities have started working on amendments to the criteria under which descendants of Jews who were expelled from the Iberian Peninsula 500 years ago can gain citizenship.